Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Portrait of Shien Lee

Finished portrait of the beautiful Shien Lee:

india ink, red lacquer, white ink, and graphite on rough watercolor paper, 18" x 24"

photo of Shien during the sitting:

Shien is a New York City Treasure! Shien is the founder and creator of Dances of Vice, a New York night life sensation that attracts a sordidly splendid menagerie of dandies, aesthetes, and dreamers who gather in shared enthusiasm for the music, fashion, culture, and beauty of times forgotten.

If you live in New York you must check out a D.O.V event. It's always a wonderland of eye candy and decadence.

I was lucky enough to have Shien sit for me at my studio last week. She has some of the best style in town, so I left her completely in charge of her own look. I just told her to bring veils and accessories! I ADORE what she came up with! From the moment she walked into the room I knew how I wanted this portrait to look: Bold and Inky!


the sketch:

I really liked how this sketch turned out. I wanted the final piece to look just like it....only a little tighter.

I moved onto my large paper. After I had my pencil outline, I appied masking fluid to the areas I wanted to remain completely white. Then I did a really light grey wash over the entire painting. I wanted to keep the tones as stark as possible but still have highlights.

I laid down my first few layers of darker grey wash.

I put down more masking fluid and then laid down the red

then I put down the black ink

after that it was about adding a few details and subtle washes.

and then I was done!

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