Sunday, August 29, 2010

3 days left to enter my ipod case competition!

Just a warning! The Design a Rococo wig and win my iPod case drawing contest will be ending in just three days!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What is J-Girl?

If you have been following me on facebook you will know that I've been occasionally creating images for an album called J-Girl.
J-Girl is still in the development phase but it's what I'm calling beauty images I create for a younger audience. I hope to someday be as famous as Lisa Frank and have my work all over young girls' (and some very special boys') notebooks, pencils sharpeners, and lunch boxes.

Here is one of my newest J-Girls

pencil sketch
rough sketch (The sexy skirt, legs, and flip flops were added by my boyfriends 6 year old niece Julia.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Josh and Andrew's Ball Jointed Doll: part 2

This is the second, but not last, installment of Josh and Andrew's first ball jointed doll. The last time I blogged about the doll she was ready to be jointed, so lets start there.

I created the hip joints, and neck joint
Knee joints (in the oven at a low heat for quicker drying)
Testing both leg joints.
Creating the shoulder joint:

hollow ball
sealed into the arm
Hollowed out the eyes

Setting the eyeballs into the head
All joints finished, ready for carving, and then stringing.
Andrew creating the ankle joint with wire
Joints carved
And after much much tweaking and refining she is all strung together!
I did a test coloring of the face to see what she would look like painted, then I sanded it off.
She is now a fully poseable doll but she needs to be sealed, primed, and then painted.
Andrew and I couldn't wait to dress her up, so we had a photo shoot at Andrew's studio with the raw doll. We dressed her without color since she doesn't yet have any color.

Stay tuned for the finished doll!

Also check out the September issue of American Vogue, page 429 for a blurb about Andrew's amazing line of dolls The Kouklitas at Barney's in New York City

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blood Roses

"An atmosphere created by the never ending pursuit beauty."

Well here is the finished piece that I started a few months ago with my "Play-Art-Director" experiment. I experimented....I learned some things.

Below is the photos I took of the process. I hope you find it interesting

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Contest: Design a Rococo wig and win my iPod case!

Hello Everyone! I'm having a small drawing contest and giving away three of my Artsprojekt iPod Touch cases. This is a design competition and what we are designing are Marie Antoinette powdered wigs, or really any sort of fantasy hair.
Why? because I LOVE Rococo wigs! I even have a tattoo of one.

So go CRAZY!!!! Add curls, swirls, ribbons, pearls, bows, flowers, feathers, ships, bird nests, gumballs, tea cups, soup cans, chicken feet....whatever you fancy.

I will announce the winners by Sept 1, 2010 on my blog and facebook fanpage, so that's just about 2 weeks to come up with a creative hair motif and submit it for a chance to win a J. David McKenney Artsprojekt x Speck Apple iPod Touch caseThis iPod case is not sold online and can only be obtained by winning this contest or by going to your local apple store and buying one.

How to enter:
You can email your submissions to with "iPod contest" as the subject.
Any medium is fine (digital, pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, spaghetti sauce, mashed potato sculpture, etc...)
There is no limit to how many wigs you can submit so please have fun and enter as many fancy wigs as you can think of!

optional template:


Remember: Go CRAZY! Have FUN!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

iPod cover contest?

iPod owners: Would you be interested in a free J. David McKenney iPod cover?
Perhaps a drawing contest or a random drawing?

The Mermaid

J-Girl sketch

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lollipop Bling augmented reality demo

Below are the three images I did for Mariah Carey's new Lollipop Bling fragrance collection and above is a video I made showing you how to use the augmented reality feature on