Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Josh and Andrew's Ball Jointed Doll: part 2

This is the second, but not last, installment of Josh and Andrew's first ball jointed doll. The last time I blogged about the doll she was ready to be jointed, so lets start there.

I created the hip joints, and neck joint
Knee joints (in the oven at a low heat for quicker drying)
Testing both leg joints.
Creating the shoulder joint:

hollow ball
sealed into the arm
Hollowed out the eyes

Setting the eyeballs into the head
All joints finished, ready for carving, and then stringing.
Andrew creating the ankle joint with wire
Joints carved
And after much much tweaking and refining she is all strung together!
I did a test coloring of the face to see what she would look like painted, then I sanded it off.
She is now a fully poseable doll but she needs to be sealed, primed, and then painted.
Andrew and I couldn't wait to dress her up, so we had a photo shoot at Andrew's studio with the raw doll. We dressed her without color since she doesn't yet have any color.

Stay tuned for the finished doll!

Also check out the September issue of American Vogue, page 429 for a blurb about Andrew's amazing line of dolls The Kouklitas at Barney's in New York City

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