Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Contest: Design a Rococo wig and win my iPod case!

Hello Everyone! I'm having a small drawing contest and giving away three of my Artsprojekt iPod Touch cases. This is a design competition and what we are designing are Marie Antoinette powdered wigs, or really any sort of fantasy hair.
Why? because I LOVE Rococo wigs! I even have a tattoo of one.

So go CRAZY!!!! Add curls, swirls, ribbons, pearls, bows, flowers, feathers, ships, bird nests, gumballs, tea cups, soup cans, chicken feet....whatever you fancy.

I will announce the winners by Sept 1, 2010 on my blog and facebook fanpage, so that's just about 2 weeks to come up with a creative hair motif and submit it for a chance to win a J. David McKenney Artsprojekt x Speck Apple iPod Touch caseThis iPod case is not sold online and can only be obtained by winning this contest or by going to your local apple store and buying one.

How to enter:
You can email your submissions to with "iPod contest" as the subject.
Any medium is fine (digital, pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, spaghetti sauce, mashed potato sculpture, etc...)
There is no limit to how many wigs you can submit so please have fun and enter as many fancy wigs as you can think of!

optional template:


Remember: Go CRAZY! Have FUN!!


Anonymous said...


Camila Cerda said...

cool, i will make some wigs... but do i really have to use that template?

J. David McKenney said...

Nope! It's completely optional.

Gentle Bear said...

I have 2 already. Just got a new ipod touch and I'm giving it to Jul with your new design protective cover. She is soo geeked. I'm sending it to her tomorrow.

Earl said...

I hope you've gotten a bunch of good entries and share them with us. If ever you do, I'll share them with my sisters. They just love wigs. I do the styling for their Estetica wigs and Forever Young wigs. Yes, they like those brands because of the good looks and the durability.