Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SVA 3D design class (week 2)

Thank you to everyone who voted last week! The ear whisper girl got the most votes by far so I DID end up going with her.


First I made a skeleton out of wire and foil to support the figure. If you look behind the glass head you'll see my first sculpture that I spent a LOT of time on. It didn't fit in the head in the end so this was my second figure.

all finished.

I gold leafed the inside of the head so you could only see the figure from the sides and back. The whole idea is that the girl is telling a "secret."

This is the mold we made from the sculpture. The original sculpy figure is much more fragile and I wanted her to be white so we cast her in durable plastic.

We filled the mold with the mixture of these two chemicals. Once mixed they go from a clear liquid to solid opaque plastic in about 4-5 minutes. It's amazing to watch.

Unfortunately we had air bubbles in her breasteses...we had to make a second cast.

With our second cast we made a very elaborate base for her to stand on (the inside of a Tupperware container)

And I coated it with gold leaf to make it look fancy.

pop it in place and TA-DA finished!


Hasan ISIKLI said...

Dear David, it looks interestin the work that you have done, actually a new media makes a typical subject as "portrait" so curious and original. At the beginning, I was a bit confused, because the image was pretented to be a lamb with a shave gel...but later, i saw the other photos :)

Best wishes for the summer class with your students.


amanda said...

seeing your process is so interesting. was the original sculpture made of super sculpey? i've worked with it a bit, and it's awesome. the casting process is very unique as well. great work, it looks gorgeous

Gentle Bear said...

As always I'm awed by the way the creative force permeates everything you lay your hands and heart too. Dad