Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SVA 3D design class (week 1)

I'm taking a class at The School Of Visual Arts here in New York this summer. It's a 3D illustration and design class and I think its going to be really good.

Our first assignment is to create an environment within this head that describes "What drives us to create as artists?" Tomorrow we have to come in with 5-6 sketches of ideas....My "drive" has always been the creation of fantasy or specifically the creation of the fantasy of glamor so these are my ideas:

I had to do a fantasy mermaid head because I've always loved mermaids and I have drawn them all day long for over 25 years. Also the head looks sort of like a fish bowl so how could I resist?

This is my Barbarella helmet head. In my opinion the opening scene to this movie is one of the most hypnotic pieces of cinematography ever. An astronaut "floats" onto the screen and does a a slow burlesque strip show to some groovy music in a shag carpeted space ship. The singing begins when Barbarella's beautiful face is relieved in a slow tease of silver dropping out of her helmet...magical!
(This is secretly my favorite idea but I don't know how applicable it is to the assignment. I just really want to do it.)

I thought it would be cute to have a girl whispering in my ear from the inside. I also made it so you could only see her from the back so its more of a "secret."

This is probably the closest thing to what is really going on inside my head most of the time....pretty girl surrounded by flowers. If you are at all familiar with my work you will know that I don't stray far from this formula.

Burlesque women on beaded ropes.

Cut paper diorama of theater performance.

So yeah...those are them. Please tell me which you think are the best ideas and check in again next week for the outcome.



amanda said...

i love all of them, but i especially like the idea with the figure whispering in your ear. i think the concept is really strong. maybe you could work to incorporate another design element (some of the flowers from idea #4)? GREAT stuff!

jacob said...

mermaids is cute but reminds me of somehow "fishing for ideas"...

i think if you could combine the whispering in ear and the flora glamour heads, which seem to be the truest to your stee-lo.

stas said...

Whispering girl is a great concept.

Anonymous said...

I think that the ear whisper will be my favourite one!
love ur works!!!

Anonymous said...

Whispering in the ear is an amazing concept you should run with! Love it.

Allie said...

My favorites are the ear whispering and the first one. The first one (mermaids) reminds me of "fishing for inspiration" or something like that :)

Camdiggy said...

I will say that I too love the whispering one... But I, like you also love Mermaids... Whispering Mermaid?

heather said...

whisper (and maybe inc. some flowers). or mermaids. all swell though.