Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Princess Prep Fashion Contest Results!

Greetings Princess Preppies: we are proud to announce the winners of our FIRST EVER Princess Prep Fashion and Story-telling Contest! We received some amazing entries, and it wasn't easy to decide, but our winners are as follows......

For Best Overall Story and Costume, our winner is.....Camila Cerda!

Camila dressed Princess Prissy in this scrumptious outfit - we just love it!

and Camila's story:

Prissy’s Cupcake Club Party

Finally its Saturday, the day of the weekly meeting of the Cupcake Club! Obviously all the princesses are more than prepared; they’ve been thinking about their outfit the whole week! Is such an important occasion, cause the status of the members in the club is not only defined by their personality or influence, but also by their style. In this exclusive meeting the girls compete to have the coolest outfit and to impress the other princesses with the uniqueness and creativity of their dresses.

The weekly meetings of the Cupcake Club always have a different host. All the girls fight for this opportunity, cause this is the chance to impress the others and show that you are really worthy to be part of this exclusive club. The princesses organize splendid tea parties, with all the delicious things you can imagine: hot chocolate, vanilla milkshake with chantilly cream, heart shaped biscuits, strawberry and raspberry cake, chocolate fountains, and of course, the most cute and beautifully decorated cupcakes ever.
The most nervous of all the princesses is Prissy, cause this Saturday is her turn to host the party. She’s been waiting such a long time for this opportunity! She decided to honor the name of the club by making a total cupcake decorated tea party. In this line, she determined to be a cupcake herself. She asked the most talented young designer of the city to make her a sweet cupcake princess dress worthy of a lady. And Prissy wasn’t disappointed, cause the costume was stunning: soft and delicate fabrics with shinny sparkles and a skirt fully decorated with hand-sewn beads imported from Italy. Her favorite part of the outfit was the cupcake purse that her father bought her from one of the most prestigious boutique in Paris. Everything announces that Prissy’s party will be one of the best Cupcake Club meetings ever done!

Camila, you win the amazing book Advanced Fashion Illustration by Bill Donovan

And our prize for Best Outfit goes to......DJ Tracy!

DJ dressed Bennie in this beautiful ocean inspired frock:

DJ's story:

With Halloween fast approaching, you need to get the perfect costume. This look is inspired by an elegant mermaid, made possible by a ruffled mermaid style dress with matching shoes, gloves, necklace and hair accessories.

DJ, you can keep designing those amazing fashions because you won My Fabulous Look Book by Karen Phillips and Illustrated by me, J. David McKenney!

And the award for Best Story goes to.....Dakota Cameron!

Dakota used our Virtual Paper Dolls to dress Bennie in a sailor costume:

And Dakota's beautiful story, which captured life at Princess Prep perfectly:

"Bennie walked through the glass doors out of the chilling wind and looked through the crowd for Prissy. Bennie was at a costume party as a sailor, with her long red hair pulled up in a ponytail, and a white sailor’s hat sat on her head. Soon enough Prissy called her over across the room, by the dessert table eating red velvet cake and holding her little white cat in her arms. Bennie walked to Prissy at the same time that Simone and her friends, Petunia and Violet, walked to them. Prissy was dressed as Annie from the movie of the little orphan girl, she wore a red puffy wig and worn brown clothes. Simone, Petunia, and Violet were all dressed as Bees, they wore yellow and black striped long tee shirts with black leggings and yellow headbands with little antennas. Simone looked up from her phone, "Nice costume" she snickered. Bennie just ignored her and looked through the desserts and took a sugar cookie. She took a bite, the cookie was sweet and warm. Prince Sebastian came over to talk to the girls. When he left, along with him trailed Simone, Petunia, and Violet. Bennie giggled as her and Prissy left the party under the moonlit filled sky."

Dakota, you get the Klutz book Headbands and Hairstyles by Eva Steele-Saccio and also illustrated by me, J. David McKenney!

Also, we had to add:

Our Honorable Mention goes to Diana C. Ramirez for her exquisite rendering of her very own Princess Amelia:

Count us VERY impressed!

Thank you to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for more news from Princess Prep: The Royal Academy here, and on Twitter @ItsPrincessPrep!

All our love,

the J's


Camila Cerda said...

Wow I'm so happy I can't believe this, is amazing! Thank you so much for the opportunity and for creating this instance to interact with your fans. I really love your illustrations, they are so inspiring!

Greetings from Chile!

Diana C Ramirez B said...

Congrats to the winners, really nice work!!!! and thank you very much for mentioning my Amelia Princess.
I am a big fan and I hope to get more opportunities like this one!!!