Monday, May 24, 2010

Wigs, Wigs, Wigs

In addition to my illustration work, sculpting, and doll/puppet making...I've been experimenting a lot with making Rococo wigs. My friends and I did a photo shoot with the very talented photographer Adrian Buckmaster for the next Dances of Vice Rococo dinner party on July 11th. I made all but one of the wigs shown here (I cannot take credit for the beautiful lace fronted red wig worn by Candace)
Going clockwise from the far left we have myself, my beautiful boyfriend Eric, Andrew, Jessica, and Candace. Not featured is Shien Lee, who's wig I also had no part in, but is the powerhouse behind Dances of Vice. She's quite a knockout!

Me and Eric

Powdered wig making process photos:

I like to start with a long wavy wig like this one (at this stage I call it "The Jerry Hall")

and then I slowly curl, sculpt, support, spray, and color the wig. Here is an early process shot.
It's easier to create a tall wig upside down.

On the far right is the same blonde wig, now colored white.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with all these wigs but they are so fun to make! I'm thinking of starting a small wig making business and selling them on the side. I've started decorating my house with them (on a beautiful stand they kind of work like a potted plant or bouquet of flowers)

It's so hard to find a good powered wig these days and I know a lot of you people out there want to be Marie Antoinette for Halloween this year.
Let me know! I'll start taking orders!

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