Saturday, March 20, 2010

Casting Doll Heads with Andrew Yang

Well hello there!
My good friend Andrew Yang and I are making dolls together.
After almost 2 months of sculpting and refining we have finally finished the heads.

Here is how we cast those heads:

First we hot glued the heads to a base board.
(My head is on the left, Andrew's is on the right)

Then we covered our heads in goo, waited, put on more goo, waited, put on more goo....and so on.
The whole process of gooping took full 2 days.

created a "cut seam"

We made an fiberglass shell for our mold to sit in.and cast our heads in resin!
Quickly threw on a little paint!
and some wigs.....and it's a photoshoot
Pretty Lady
Sexy Gibson Girl

Our new resin heads with their original sculpy mothers.

We still have quite a bit of refining to do but the molds turned out perfectly! Stay tuned for more dolls from J. David McKenney and Andrew Yang!!


Marcos Chin said...

how fun! looks amazing! can't wait to see more

Camila Cerda said...

wow, I love this heads! specially the last look you made for them :P