Thursday, July 16, 2009

SVA 3D design class (week 5)

Okay so I'm STILL not done with this chess set but I'm getting closer.
Here is a sort of vague shot of where I'm at now.
I have all the pieces complete but they still need a lot of detailing.

The reason I'm behind schedule:
I made molds which ended up sticking to the plastic that I'm casting these in (its not supposed to do that). I also had to break all of my originals pieces to get them out of the mold so I ended up with unworkable molds and broken originals.
LOOOOOOOONG story short I had to put the original sculptures back together, remold them, and cast them all again. I still have a LOT of finishing touches to do but I have all the pieces cast for the most part so I'm doing okay.

It'll all be worth it when I'm finished:) I hope......
Stay tuned

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sofiatome said...

these are insanely beautiful! wow!!