Saturday, May 12, 2007


I used to get in trouble when I was in elementary school for doodling girly pictures all over my homework and not filling in the answers. This is something I've always done, almost to the point of obsession. I think doodling is a really important part of keeping the creative mind active. Sometimes I find inspiration for much larger projects in them but more often they are just fun little pictures that are never really seen by anyone....until now

This being my first my first blog entry, in what I hope becomes one of many, I intend to share these doodles with you on a regular basis, in a effort to get your opinions. In addition to these mindless doodlings I also hope to post the many sketches and revisions it takes to create my more finished pieces. Again your feedback and thoughts would be much appreciated.

J. David McKenney


christie bella said...

i was the same way- in fact some of my doodles i actually happened to quite like, so i'd be saving all of these math, and history notebooks because of the doodles- they would cover every inch of every page that was not taken up with notes- and, just like you, it was obsessive. I think that doodles & sketches are beautiful pieces of art- sometimes more so than finished, polished pieces- to see an artists doodles/sketches gives you a different, deeper, more raw look at their mind- they're much more intimate & personal- im going to use the name of a cliched famous artist for the purpose of making a point- but if given the choice, i'd rather have, say, one of Picasso's or Dali's sketchbooks, than one of his/.their famous, finished paintings- no doubt. I love your glamour doodles- especially the vibrant colors- you are also very skilled at drawing/illustrating eyes- your eyes have a soul- they are very alive & deep- something that is not so easy to achieve as many would assume.

Anonymous said...

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